Our Method
Human-Centered Design Process

Our Method

Observation / Discovery

​Ask • Listen • Research


Screener Surveys
Competitive Analysis
Comparative Analysis
Information Architecture
Card Sorting

Our Method

Ideation / Planning

​Process • Extract • Insight


Key Points
Affinity Maps
Feature Prioritizing

Our Method

Prototyping / Development

​Concept • Validate • Iterate


Low-fidelity Mockups
Interaction Flows
Insight Study
Mid-fidelity Prototypes

Our Method

Testing / Quality Assurance

​Design • Prototype • Test


Hi-fidelity Mockups
Annotated Wireframes
Working Prototypes
Client Testing
User Testing
Developer Testing

For application and service design our process follows Don Norman’s classic method of the Iterative Cycle of Human-Centered Design.

We research and observe the intended target, generate ideas and concepts, then produce prototypes and test them. We repeat this cycle until everyone is satisfied.

Each iteration brings us closer to perfection. Ideally success requires everyone’s involvement including clients, users, and the developer team. For websites intended for communication we start with a discovery phase to map available materials and identify targets and goals.

Then construct a content architecture identifying key components and their relationships. Most websites serve not only as a sales lead generator but also as a knowledge center for the company’s personnel, affiliates, and customers facilitating interaction amongst all the key players.

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